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      1. 学术信息

        【材华讲坛】 Heavy quark and quarkonium as probes of the Quark-Gluon Plasma


        报告题目:Heavy quark and quarkonium as probes of the Quark-Gluon Plasma

        报 告 人:何敏







         Quark-GluonPlasma (QGP) is a deconfined state of strong interaction matter that has beenpredicted by first-principle lattice QCD to emerge at extreme temperatures anddensities. While having presumably filled up the primordial Universe a fewmicroseconds after the Big Bang, QGP is being re-created and studied interrestrial labs through relativistic heavy-ion collision experiments conductedat RHIC of Brookhaven National Lab and the LHC of CERN.

        Heavyquarks, produced in the early stage through hard processes and experiencing thefull evolution history of QGP through diffusion and hadronization, serve asvaluable probes of the QGP properties. Likewise, heavy quark and antiquarkbound states (quarkonium) are subjected to dissociation and regeneration in thehot QGP, making another kind of premier diagnostic tool of QGP. In this talk,the speaker will present some recent research on the heavy quark and heavyquarkonium probes of QGP, with the first part focusing on theoreticalcomputations of heavy quarkonium dissociation rate, and the second part devotedto phenomenological development of charm-hadron production.